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Cunningham Roofing is a Calgary based roofing and renovations company that was originally established in Manitoba. As a result of the devastating wind storm to hit Calgary, Alberta in late November of 2011 Cunningham Roofing was requested to assist with the abundance of insurance claims that ensued. The success of this endeavour resulted in the expansion of our company in Alberta where hard work and dedication continue to be the company's main objective. For more information please read our


Cunningham Roofing's knowledgeable contractors work with you through each phase of the recover process. If your home has been harmed by extreme weather and you are in need of roof, siding or exterior repair, Cunningham Roofing works as a general contractor to simplify the repairing process. Our extensive experience in storm recovery includes roofing, siding, and eavestroughs, allowing us to deliver outstanding results regardless of the scale of damage done to your home. To learn more please read about


If your home was affected by an extreme storm that produced high winds or hail, call Cunningham Roofing immediately for a property evaluation of the damages. Don't wait for the damage to become worse! Our staff is highly trained according to insurance company criteria when it comes to assessing damages to your property and has HAAG Engineer Certified staff available when necessary. Call or ask your insurance agent to call us now!
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The most common types of damage following an episode of extreme weather are caused by hail and wind. Small dents in the roof surface can expose the underlying material and will become susceptible to water and mold damage over time if the problem is left untreated. You can always identify poor workmanship by the loss of shingles in a strong wind, or shingles that are jarred loose from severe weather.
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